Thursday, August 5, 2010


Training is going pretty well. Unfortunately, I don't have a computer at all at work anymore. I mean, I am leaving, so it's not like I need one, but I get bored! And I can't blog every day like I was loving doing. But that's ok. Just under two weeks left, and then I'll have all day to blog my little heart out.

For now, lets do a little anthropologie lusting.

I can't tell you the last time that I actually bought something retail price. I always try to find it either on sale, or just skip everything completely and go right to the clearance racks. It's gotten to the point that even my wish lists are clearance. Is that sad?

I'm going with no. I think thrifty is sexy. ;)

So here are my top picks for dresses and skirts that are currently on clearance at anthropologie!

I love the cut of this dress. I love octopuses too. You put the two together, viola, instant pretty.

The colors of this dress are so nice. It would be a great addition to any wardrobe because with simple accessory and shoe changes it could go from the beach to work to a night out.

I'm not usually an orange person. But the color combination on this dress is so pretty. Coupled with that silhouette, this is a great summer dress.

I think that a good, dark neutral skirt should be a part of every wardrobe. You could pile on tons of bangles, necklaces and beads, a slightly baggy tank top, and a pair of wedges and do total gypsy/boho chic, or you could pair it with a fitted button down, cropped cardigan and kitten heels and wear it to the office. There are few things this skirt couldn't do.

Flight 'Round The Garden skirt

I love the shades of green in this skirt. The monochrome is truly beautiful too. It's a very bold skirt done in a very subtle way. Love.

Ok. It's only 10:30 but I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is Friday! I sure am excited. I have a girls lunch planned too!

Hope your Friday is awesome



cb said...

i adore anthropolgie and they have such great display windows!! wish i could afford more there!


Jen said...

Oh me too! I told my husband the other day that my "Job goal" is to get one that pays enough that once a month (Or even every other month) I could go there and buy just one thing. That's not too much, right? :)

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