Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waiting!! RAH!!

Still waiting for a phone call.

Found out today that I could double my classes and go full time and not have it affect my schedule there at all. But that's only if I get the job.

I'm going to go pray to something. Hell, I'm going to go pray to everything

Monday, June 28, 2010


I had a second interview today with a restaurant I would LOVE to work at.

Of course I was late.

I left 40 minutes early, made great time, and one exit away, I hit GRIDLOCK.

I mean takes-20-minutes-to-go-500-feet-sloths-walk-faster-than-this gridlock. So I was very late. And my phone was dying. But it stuck around long enough for a call to 411 and a transfer to the restaurant, and a frantic explanation of what was happening. And then I made it there. And I think it went well.

I hope.

I wonder what I did karmically to deserve things like this?

Oh well. One day I'll master the ability to get somewhere on time. Or I'll find a way to open a wormhole and teleport there.

 I'm sure that either one could happen.

Weekends with wings

So the last few weekends have just been zooming by. This weekend was no different.

I took some pictures, but haven't loaded them, and I have stories but not a lot of time. So I will leave you with a promise of a longer entry later, and some videos to make you smile. (Or, if you're as overly emotional as I am, cry your eyes out)

Oh TJ Thyne. I love you!

The only seat belt campaign I have EVER supported. (Don't get me wrong, I think they're important. But around here the slogan is "Click it or Ticket" and it makes me want to punch things.)

And finally, one of the luckiest little kitties ever. AW! I get so warm and fuzzy!

Article here

Hurray for overjoyed weeping!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh Friday

I think that's just going to be the name of every Friday post I ever make. It just seems to want to happen that way. Why fight it?

It's been a strange day so far. I've spent much of my lunch break sitting and watching the AMAZING San Smith work through her Ustream channel

I really find her whole life to just be so inspirational, and she just makes me smile. I'll admit it. I have a desperate girl crush. :)  But how can you not love an adorable, pink haired, amazingly talented person like her? I'm looking forward to this weekend. We are going to a local punk festival Saturday and seeing Less than Jake, and Tonight, I'm going to Johns Hopkins University to check out their observatory. That should be a lot of fun. It's a MASSIVE telescope and should offer all kinds of wonderful sparklys to look at.

Other than that there hasn't been much happening. There has been a lot of preparation for happenings. but nothing yet. I have been applying for a TON of jobs, and actually had a talk with my boss that went very well and pretty much told him that I was looking to leave. I love my job, and I love the people that I work with. But spending every day sitting behind a desk, and dealing with a ton of mental stress is not exactly my cup of tea. I like to be moving and dealing with people and staying active, and I actually get really depressed when I can't do that.

It is also getting harder and harder for me to get the classes that I need to finish, being as how I can only take night classes. So I've been looking to retail management and waitressing/bartending, and recently a reference desk job at the library (Which I would kill for. seriously. it's a sweet job) So I'm really hoping to hear something soon. (PLEASE PLEASE!!!)  Adam's also looking for a new job. I don't want to talk about his situation (Again with the fear of job retaliation) but I'm staying hopeful and supportive. Cross your fingers for us!

I also had to make a few doctors appointments, the last one with a neurologist, to get some stuff checked out. It's scary, but not terrible, and totally manageable if it is what I think it is. So hopefully that will be good news. I don't want to say anything and have everyone be like OMG!! And then come back with never mind! HAH! Yeah. so. When I know something you will. :)

I'm off now to finish my bit of work and maybe go home early, and I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!!

And if you need a little pick me up, check out this adorable little lady.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


For the third time this month the AC went out in my work building.  It is MISERABLY hot when that happens.

I was going to post something today that wasn't giveaway related (Sorry about all that!) but I think my brains might have been fried. Later. Or tomorrow. Whenever I start to feel like I'm capable of breathing again. It's hard to do that when the humidity is 185%.  ;)


Giveaway season?

I always got excited because spring and summer were flea market season. Apparently they're awesome giveaway season too!!

Check out The Dainty Squid's new giveaway! A chance to win a SWEET hoodie from MungoCrafts!

I'm really torn between these two

I have been DYING over her stuff for SO LONG, but I just haven't had the money to spare. How sweet would it be to just win one? :D

and I'll even grudgingly wish you luck too if you enter. ;)  I kid.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

on flip-flops and waffles

It's a very hot week here in the Baltimore area. Upper 90's for yesterday and today, and it looks to remain that way for much of the week. I would be doing nothing but lay in my parent's pool all day, given the choice. Unfortunately real world stuff exists and I have to go to work and school.

Today at work I picked up this little cutie. (One of the perks of working around toys and comics all the time)

I think I'm going to name him Patoot.We hung out in my car at lunch.

I would like to point out to my high school choir teacher that this is where my treacherous life that's full of sin has lead. I'm obviously unstable and doing devil worship in my car. with stuffed animals. :P

I would also like to point out my new favorite necklace

Woot yard sale finds! It's got neat little animals on the back too. I should probably take a picture of that. I DID take a picture of my hand. Cause I burnt the crap out of it last night taking a pizza out of the oven. Again with the dangerous life I lead. You can see the little sucker there by my thumb, all wrinkly and charred. So sad.


The craptastic picture quality is due to the fact that these were all taken on  my phone. While I was sending them over to my email for posting and such, I also came across these gems from February

Yes. There is something wrong with us. But tell me he's not adorable in that hat?  <3

oh, so anyway. Back to waffles and such. I'm going to say a word. It's a bad word in our house.

It's Baby


I have this funny problem, I have a broken baby clock. It's not that I don't want kids, I just...well...I don't really care.I just don't. I have very little opinion of children either way.

There are times where we talk, and state that we have cats, and you can put cats in clothes, and carry them like babies (And oh I do. Both.) and thus we do not need a people baby. And a lot of times I'm totally cool with this.

And then sometimes, there's a little part of me (I think it's my uterus. Damn uterus) is like, but...aren't they so cute?

And then I'm like, yeah uterus, they are. But you can borrow one from a cousin like ANY TIME. (Seriously, we breed like rabbits).

But sometimes...on a few rare occasions, I find myself having the talk with my uterus, and....agreeing. Hell yeah they're cute. What could we name it? Wouldn't it be so cute in this little skeleton hoodie?? And then I get excited.

And then a few hours later I don't care again.

I know that its not something that I even want to think about happening for another few years. I want a new job, that I love. I want to finish school. I want to teach. And then, well...Then maybe we can revisit this line of dialog uterus. Maybe then.

Until then, I'm just gonna keep reading adorable blogs like Sometimes Sweet and living vicariously through them. :)


Monday, June 21, 2010

accessories are important too

So I've been looking at buying a new camera. I've said something about that before, no? I believe so.

This morning, I came across this Giveaway from the wonderful Sweet Irie!

A giveaway to win one of her awesome handmade camera straps? Yes please!!

You have until July 5th to enter, good luck if you do!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

and raindrops on roses and yadda yadda

Some of my favorite things (Read, most of my favorite things) are barnyard animals. I love them. One of my biggest dreams is to live in a house with land enough for some sheep, goats and of course chickens.

Sheep and chickens are probably my favorite. Seriously. Have you ever hugged either? You're not really living until you have. Chickens are awesome huggers. They're super squishy cause of all those feathers. They're modest though, and they usually try to squirm away. I think they're embarrassed that they're so awesome to hug.

Last night Adam showed me this picture and I squealed in a frequency that was only really heard by the dog.

Seriously, How SWEET is that sheep!?!? Do you not just die looking at his happy little face?! I do.

I'm now going to go laugh so hard I throw up. Just a little. :)


(BTW I have NO IDEA where this picture originated. If you do, let me know! I want to give credit. (And hugs and high fives for taking the most awesome picture ever))

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It must be love

Last night Adam and I spent a good half an hour watching Katy Perry videos on youtube. It all started with curiosity over the California Girls video, and blew up into a full blown distraction from dishes and studying.

There's something heartwarming about snuggling with your hubby, watching super girly cupcake and Barbie themed pop music videos, and hearing your man say "Her videos are SO COOL".

This morning, on a completely unrelated site, I came across the following beautiful creation on sale at Neiman Marcus

                         Via Neiman Marcus

His response to my email containing the ad?

"lets buy 2 and we can make our own Katy Perry video"

Am I not the luckiest girl in the world?


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Damn you little orphan Annie.

Now I have that Tomorrow song stuck in my head. I swear. One wrong thought and you're stuck with something in your head for the rest of the day. :)

Anywho, I'm feeling better. I can't say much better. But it's definitely a marked improvement.

I spent the morning making and planning some purchases. I got House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, and ordered all 6 of the Scott Pilgrim books. I've already read all of them (Well, all 5 that are out), but I didn't actually own copies. I'm so super stoked! For that AND the movie! I can't wait for August. :D

I've also been researching nice SLR cameras. Currently I really want the Cannon Digital Rebel XSi, but Adam is pushing for the Nikon D90. My thought process is, we have two flip video cams, and I hate grid lines in viewfinders, and think that the GPS capability is stupid, so why would I get the Nikon when I can get the Cannon, a great new lens and a remote and STILL save somewhere around $200? Don't get me wrong, I like Nikon a lot. It's just not exactly in our price range right now.

I'll wear him down. ;)

Oh, and did I tell you about the great wasp adventure? (No, I'm not talking about the hair metal band)

A few weeks ago I went to lunch, and thought that I would enjoy the day by eating my sub in the car, with the windows down and the radio on. It was really nice, and I spread everything out on my lap and was listening intently to NPR when I heard this strange noise. 

I turn to look and a GIGANTIC wasp almost smacks right into my face. 

I have NO IDEA HOW, but I managed to keep calm, and sat there, barely breathing, waiting for him to fly back OUT the window. 

So he flies around, and lands on my steering wheel, and then on my door handle, and then decides that he's going to land on the wrapper on my lap. 

Only he doesn't. 

He keeps going, and lands on the seat right next to my leg. Now, I can't see him, because of the wrapper on my lap. (And I'll be damned if I was moving!) so I'm just holding my breath and feeling like I'm going to vomit and waiting. 

He'll fly back up, I think. He's just on the seat. 

No. He's not on the seat. 

He's up my dress.

The very SECOND I felt that fluttering in my skirt, I yanked it away from my leg, threw myself out of the car, and ran screaming across the parking lot, shaking my skirt out like a mad woman. 

(People will move away from you  very quickly when you do this)

Across the parking lot, I assaulted some poor woman by loudly informing her that I had a bee up my dress and holding my skirt up around my waist insisting that she look for it. (THANK GOD I was wearing tights!!)

She informed me there was nothing there (And also left very quickly) and I was left to make my way back to the car and perform a full wasp inspection. 

I don't know where he ended up, but I'm certainly glad it wasn't attached to my bum. 

To this day, every time I wear this skirt and it brushes my legs my heart stops, just for a second. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

rain clouds.

Sometimes it's just not possible for me to be happy.

I know that it's in my head. That I can wake up and make the most of the day and be happy, no matter what. But sometimes I can't. Sometimes I'm just too tired.

I'm tired of fighting, and feeling trapped, and being mistrusted for no reason.

I'm tired of being looked down upon by people who are no better than I am, and who don't actually know the real me.

I'm tired of feeling like there's no way out of things.

I'm hoping that soon it will change. That I'll be in a position where I can tell you everything without fearing the consequences. That hopefully there will be nothing but good news in the near future.

I want to go home, to snuggle with my cats and get hugs from my husband while he tells me things are going to be ok.

Instead I have class.

At least I remember my homework this time.

I'm sorry for not being very good company today.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'll be honest

I teared up a bit.

Ok, I teared up a lot.

This amazing project collects Polaroids from cities all over the world, capturing the people that live there, and their dreams.

These can be found at beforeidieiwantto.org

People are amazing creatures

And I want her to accomplish her goal of raising giant sea monkeys. I'm just saying. I support that.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Good news everyone!

A while ago I was invited to participate in an art show where designers from all over were provided with a tiny little Yoka and told to go crazy. 
Hi little Yoka!

So anywhoo, this is my little guy! Cause let's face it, there's no more appropriate attire for a bear than a bear suit

Just look at that tiny buttflap!

I was pretty proud of the little guy, and his hand stitched bunny. That stinker is SMALL. (Yoka himself is only about 2 or 2.5 inches tall)

Well, I received word today that my little guy sold! Yay!! There were so many amazing artists involved that I thought surely he would be lost in the crowd, but he's found someone to love him after all! (Though I really am just the teensyist bit sad to see him go) It was definitely a happy start to the weekend.

You can see a ton of other pictures and find out where they're off to next on the facebook page!


Smiles away!

Seriously, how can these not make you break out into a huge grin? I know I can't stop!

            Image from Jalopnik

Oh São Paulo, how I envy your street artists. 

There's tons more adorableness on their flickr too


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lets get funky

I have been in a serious funk lately, and it's really starting to bum me out. It's something that has been brewing a long time, and is rooted in a few different issues, but it all goes back to feeling rather trapped in my current situation and not knowing how to get out.

One of my worst character flaws is that when I try and try and try and things are still hard, a lot of times I'll just stop trying. I hit a point of apathy and just ride it out. Its one of the few things that I do not like about myself. This time though, I've really been fighting that apathy bug. I feel like an AA member at a whiskey distillery! I really want to just not care, but I'm finally at the point that I realize that caring means caring about MYSELF and making sure that I'm happy. That's really important to me, and it's worth fighting for.

Unfortunately, much (Read most) of my current unhappiness relates to my job. And, as much as I really want to unload and moan and whine about it, and then move on, I really just can't. The first blog that I really fell in love with was the amazing Dooce.com, and if she taught me anything, it's that you probably shouldn't discuss work issues in an open air, everyone welcome environment if you're looking to keep said job. And, unfortunately, jobs are things that people need. So yeah.

I CAN say though, that I'm looking to get a second job bartending. I'm in class Tues, Wed, Thurs, and that leaves the whole weekend open. So hopefully I can find somewhere with good people, get trained quick, and make some decent money. Here's hoping.

So going back to the funk, I've been working on fighting it pretty hard. And it's working for the most part. I've been doing little things for myself, like...

Wearing my favorite shoes, and using my favorite headphones.

Painting my toenails to look like mermaid toes :)

Treating myself to delicious YanYan and laughing at the adorable little animals

and taking pictures of the awesome storms that we've been having lately.

Sometimes it's little things that make it worth it to keep going. Little things are the best at making me smile. And my readers are a big help too! Thank you all for popping in and reading what I have to say, and pitching in when you have something to add. It really means a lot to know that there are people out there who think I'm at least interesting enough to check on once and a while. :)

I <3 you guys!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And we slept under the stars

Last night we decided to do a sushi and movie date, since I didn't have school. I decided that required us to build a fort.

We don't have the best fort building living room, but we make due when needed

We snuggled in and ate delicious fishes

And we watched good movies. We started off watching Legion, which was surprisingly good, and surprisingly short. Leaving us time for Cirque Du Freak - The Vampire's Assistant too! I was pleasantly surprised with both, and we both had a good time

So did the cats, and they spent a lot of time investigating what this giant thing in the house was. Especially little Blue who kept using the scratching post (Which is in sore need or repair) even though it had obviously been re-purposed.

Eventually he came in and watched the movie though

Then him and Adam had a long talk about their movie opinions.

It was a good night.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Well darn!

I left my memory card reader at home.  I have a great one, that's just a little box with a bunch of different slots and a USB plug. I usually keep it in my purse, so when I do on the road updates of anything (Though not this blog in almost two weeks! ARG! Bad Jen) I have it. Well, I have A TON of pictures, and no way to transfer.

Oh well. I don't have class tonight so I will then. Be prepared! I'll probably spread them out through a few different posts, so I don't bombard you with pictures.

Memorial day weekend was the culprit of my non-postiness last week. Adam and I worked a festival all weekend and it totally threw off my internal clocks in a big way, which left me feeling wonky and drained for the rest of the week. It was a good time though! I hung out with awesome friends, saw great bands, AND made a pretty good amount of money off it too! (Horray for tip jars!) Luckily Adam has some pictures up already (He's not a slacker bum like me) so here are a few.

             me selling shirts and rocking some terrible posture

               I'm not sure why I was so upset about that veggie burger. :)

          Epic photo of epicness of Swedish death metal band Necrophobic

It's really nice to get paid to work with good people and make good money but just listening to awesome music and selling t-shirts. It really made me miss working with the public a lot. My  job now is fine and all, and it's definitely really fun on occasion, but I'm just not built for sitting at a desk all day. I like moving and talking to people.

I'm only at my current job until I finish my degree, and then I want to teach. I'm really super excited about that. However, it's another 2.5 years that I'm looking at for school since I'm only able to go part time at night. (And that's assuming that I'm able to get night classes for everything I need.

Because of this, and an increase of shortage of money, I've really been thinking of getting a part time job bartending. I could work through summer at night, and maybe...shh...turn that into a new full time job. I'm really kind of excited and hopeful about it. The summer would give me opportunity to make extra cash and get experience, and then I could leave my current one and work full time at it. If I made it into a busy bar around here, I could easily make what I'm making now, and probably more, plus I would be able to go to school full time, and shave off about a year of that 2.5 years. How spiffy would that be?

So we'll see. There's nothing yet. But it might happen. A girl can dream, right?

I have to go for now, but I promise, no more breaks. :)  I'll be back soon!