Tuesday, June 22, 2010

on flip-flops and waffles

It's a very hot week here in the Baltimore area. Upper 90's for yesterday and today, and it looks to remain that way for much of the week. I would be doing nothing but lay in my parent's pool all day, given the choice. Unfortunately real world stuff exists and I have to go to work and school.

Today at work I picked up this little cutie. (One of the perks of working around toys and comics all the time)

I think I'm going to name him Patoot.We hung out in my car at lunch.

I would like to point out to my high school choir teacher that this is where my treacherous life that's full of sin has lead. I'm obviously unstable and doing devil worship in my car. with stuffed animals. :P

I would also like to point out my new favorite necklace

Woot yard sale finds! It's got neat little animals on the back too. I should probably take a picture of that. I DID take a picture of my hand. Cause I burnt the crap out of it last night taking a pizza out of the oven. Again with the dangerous life I lead. You can see the little sucker there by my thumb, all wrinkly and charred. So sad.


The craptastic picture quality is due to the fact that these were all taken on  my phone. While I was sending them over to my email for posting and such, I also came across these gems from February

Yes. There is something wrong with us. But tell me he's not adorable in that hat?  <3

oh, so anyway. Back to waffles and such. I'm going to say a word. It's a bad word in our house.

It's Baby


I have this funny problem, I have a broken baby clock. It's not that I don't want kids, I just...well...I don't really care.I just don't. I have very little opinion of children either way.

There are times where we talk, and state that we have cats, and you can put cats in clothes, and carry them like babies (And oh I do. Both.) and thus we do not need a people baby. And a lot of times I'm totally cool with this.

And then sometimes, there's a little part of me (I think it's my uterus. Damn uterus) is like, but...aren't they so cute?

And then I'm like, yeah uterus, they are. But you can borrow one from a cousin like ANY TIME. (Seriously, we breed like rabbits).

But sometimes...on a few rare occasions, I find myself having the talk with my uterus, and....agreeing. Hell yeah they're cute. What could we name it? Wouldn't it be so cute in this little skeleton hoodie?? And then I get excited.

And then a few hours later I don't care again.

I know that its not something that I even want to think about happening for another few years. I want a new job, that I love. I want to finish school. I want to teach. And then, well...Then maybe we can revisit this line of dialog uterus. Maybe then.

Until then, I'm just gonna keep reading adorable blogs like Sometimes Sweet and living vicariously through them. :)



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