Monday, June 28, 2010


I had a second interview today with a restaurant I would LOVE to work at.

Of course I was late.

I left 40 minutes early, made great time, and one exit away, I hit GRIDLOCK.

I mean takes-20-minutes-to-go-500-feet-sloths-walk-faster-than-this gridlock. So I was very late. And my phone was dying. But it stuck around long enough for a call to 411 and a transfer to the restaurant, and a frantic explanation of what was happening. And then I made it there. And I think it went well.

I hope.

I wonder what I did karmically to deserve things like this?

Oh well. One day I'll master the ability to get somewhere on time. Or I'll find a way to open a wormhole and teleport there.

 I'm sure that either one could happen.


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