Monday, June 7, 2010

Well darn!

I left my memory card reader at home.  I have a great one, that's just a little box with a bunch of different slots and a USB plug. I usually keep it in my purse, so when I do on the road updates of anything (Though not this blog in almost two weeks! ARG! Bad Jen) I have it. Well, I have A TON of pictures, and no way to transfer.

Oh well. I don't have class tonight so I will then. Be prepared! I'll probably spread them out through a few different posts, so I don't bombard you with pictures.

Memorial day weekend was the culprit of my non-postiness last week. Adam and I worked a festival all weekend and it totally threw off my internal clocks in a big way, which left me feeling wonky and drained for the rest of the week. It was a good time though! I hung out with awesome friends, saw great bands, AND made a pretty good amount of money off it too! (Horray for tip jars!) Luckily Adam has some pictures up already (He's not a slacker bum like me) so here are a few.

             me selling shirts and rocking some terrible posture

               I'm not sure why I was so upset about that veggie burger. :)

          Epic photo of epicness of Swedish death metal band Necrophobic

It's really nice to get paid to work with good people and make good money but just listening to awesome music and selling t-shirts. It really made me miss working with the public a lot. My  job now is fine and all, and it's definitely really fun on occasion, but I'm just not built for sitting at a desk all day. I like moving and talking to people.

I'm only at my current job until I finish my degree, and then I want to teach. I'm really super excited about that. However, it's another 2.5 years that I'm looking at for school since I'm only able to go part time at night. (And that's assuming that I'm able to get night classes for everything I need.

Because of this, and an increase of shortage of money, I've really been thinking of getting a part time job bartending. I could work through summer at night, and maybe...shh...turn that into a new full time job. I'm really kind of excited and hopeful about it. The summer would give me opportunity to make extra cash and get experience, and then I could leave my current one and work full time at it. If I made it into a busy bar around here, I could easily make what I'm making now, and probably more, plus I would be able to go to school full time, and shave off about a year of that 2.5 years. How spiffy would that be?

So we'll see. There's nothing yet. But it might happen. A girl can dream, right?

I have to go for now, but I promise, no more breaks. :)  I'll be back soon!



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