Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I have so much to say

But my brain feels like chocolate pudding. My allergies are lethal today.

We made a lot of advancements on the house this weekend. Nothing is done yet, but appointments were made to get new laminate floors on the second floor (Coming Thursday) and a new oven (Coming Saturday). I'm really excited. Our carpet is just crap upstairs, and the cats have decided to use it as their own personal plaything. It was in bad shape when we moved in, and now it's just demolished. The two roommates that we've had haven't helped either. Not that either of them were particularly messy, there was just a lot of traffic, and they got worn out and stained up. We got GREAT financing, and while we couldn't afford to do the stairs, they threw in free good quality carpet for them, which I think I might actually be happier about. The cats fall down the stairs all the time anyway, I don't need to make that worse. :)

The oven is my biggest joy right now. That sounds..sad. But it's true. And here's why, Our current oven, it turns itself on. ALL. THE. TIME. It terrifies me. It started as a weird fluke every once in a while. You would hear a click, and the hiss of the gas lighting, and then give the knob a wiggle and it would turn off. It was once a week maybe. But it progressed quickly, and now when it turns on you have to turn it on and off a few times to get it to shut off. The one thing that makes me not completely terrified is that it's lighting, and the gas isn't just running into the house. But I still get super nervous when it started becoming so frequent. (Well, I was nervous the whole time, but we didn't really have the money.) After a generous donation from the Hubby's mom, we can now afford one! Yay! I'm so excited for Saturday. I'm thinking of shutting off the gas to the house and unplugging the stove until then. we can exist on toaster and microwave food for 4 days.

This weekend I also mowed the lawn and got all the supplies to paint our UGLY kitchen cabinets. They're awful 1970's particleboard with wood grain formica. BOO. However, once I sand them a bit and paint them white with black detailing, and put on the new knobs and drawer pulls I got, it will be a whole new kitchen! I'm going to be working on it all day Thursday when the floors are being put in. I'll HAVE to post before and after pictures, because I think it will be a completely different kitchen. How exciting!

And just in time for my birthday. We're having a super girly party on the 15th, complete with paper lanterns and hanging branches of flowers. It will be nice to have a pretty airy kitchen to go with it. The good/bad aspect about that is that we have to pack up both bedrooms and the bookcase in the hallway and move them out for the flooring to be put in. But hey, how long have I been talking about cleaning out the spare room anyway? I'm taking it as a great opportunity to clean everything out, get rid of a TON of stuff, and I'm on a tight, forced deadline, so it will HAVE to be done! I'm actually really excited.

How was your weekend?



geschichtenvonkat said...

that sounds like a ton of work, but so gratifying. i want to own a house that i can renovate so badly...i love the idea of making it my own like you're doing with the kitchen...o and am so glad you will have an oven that is not playing sneak attacks on you, good grief!

Jen said...

It's funny, because it really is a love hate relationship. It's such a pain, and you wish that someone else would do it for you, but at the end you can point and say "Look! I did that!"


And I can't wait to get rid of the over either! I swear now it's just mocking me. Evil oven..

Yesta said...

I also do renovation but only just the renovation of my own room lol. dont yet have my own house, hoping to have one so I can pour my ideas on it like you do. That would be just awesome.

By the way, what your site (jen0cide.com) will be like? Will it be your portfolio? pardon my manners, I'm just curious :D

Yesta said...

oh ya, almost forgot. Nice to know you and thanks for following back :)

Jen said...

Sometimes even the littlest improvement is enough to change everything! :D

My site will eventually be a portfolio, yes. It's kinda slacking right now >_< I should have time to work on it soon though!

Yesta said...

nice, hope you get it done soon :)

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