Monday, May 24, 2010

Take me away back to the green fields of May

Sorry about last week. I saw a pretty big drop off in readers, and I can't blame you guys. Thanks for those of you who checked in once in a while, and I hope the rest of you will make your way back.

Last week was a rough one. There was a lot happening and I was having a very hard time dealing with it, and a lot of things that fell to the wayside. One plus was that my party did go very well. The weekend started out rather disappointing. I've been going to hot yoga lessons. Now, I'm usually a rather sweaty person anyway, and as such I'm usually dehydrated. Because of this, and the EXCESSIVE amount of sweat you will produce in a 105 degree room, I make it a point to drink a bottle of water before, during and after class. Well, Friday, I got the during, and part of the after, but I completely forgot the before. I barely made it through class, I was dizzy and nauseous, and that lasted through Friday night and until noon on Saturday. (Can I say that I do NOT recommend that? Drink water people!) Because I felt so sick, I ended up sleeping really late, and even though I got up a few times and tried, I missed the bi-annual flea market that my community has. It's really big, and I was really looking forward to going with my mom and sister. But no such luck.

I am glad that I stayed in bed though, because when I finally DID get up, I felt WORLDS better, so I could actually enjoy the party. It ended up being a little small, but that made it all the better as we could all fit into our tiny kitchen and stuff our faces and talk. The food was wonderful and there was a great deal of wine consumed. There were many girly dresses and a strange battle over the Pandora station that would play, which led to a constant switching between Lilly Allen and Danzig. Two great tastes that don't taste great together :)  It was a good time. I sadly forgot to bring out my camera, but I got some shots the next day of some of the aftermath. It really wasn't too bad. Once I get the time I'll post pictures. I have a bunch from the last week.

That weekend was nice, but that Monday I got hit with a really bad spell of depression. I fought really hard with depression through high school and my first years of college, and they were some really dark years for me. I don't like it when that feeling comes back to haunt me. I've been in a much much better place for a long time now, I've been off of medication, and back to my usual, happy, chipper self. Monday and Tuesday were then doubly awful because not only was I really depressed, but I was afraid that I was slipping back down that slope into it, and it terrified me. 

By Wednesday I just couldn't take it anymore, I was completely run down both physically and mentally, and I really needed a break before I got really sick. The husband had been going into work super early to set up new computers, and he was due home early, at 2. So I had a mental health day and called out of work. I spent the morning in bed, which mostly got rid of the baby migraine that I had since Monday, and then got up and spent a large part of the rest of the day on the sofa. It was completely non productive, I did nothing but stare at the computer and watch movies, and it was completely what I needed. Getting to see him early helped a lot too. :)

By Thursday I was feeling a whole ton better, and I got through those two work days stress free. I found a mini flea market on Saturday, and one of my bestest girls and the hubs and I got to go to that. I found a great bag that was hand embroidered in Egypt, and got it for $10, all of which went back to help the women's program there that makes them and teaches Egyptian women life skills they can apply to jobs, like clothing and bag making, bead work and embroidery. I really love finding groups like that to support.

I also got a HUGE stack of linen napkins/handkerchiefs, and I finally got around to this learning to embroider thing I've been talking about. Yay! I'm still not very good, but I have my first piece nearing completion. I used a great little pattern by Doe-c-Doe. I really love her stuff, and saved a few patterns to use in the future.

Hopefully this week will see things return to normal. My summer class starts tomorrow, it's Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6-9 pm. Luckily it's only through July 20th or so. I'm not looking forward to it, but at the same time I'm excited. How does that work? Oh well, at least I got to see the season finales of Fringe and Castle before it starts. (Both of which had me screaming and throwing things at the TV by the way. Why is it not fall yet?? They can't leave things so unfinished!! GRR!!)

Sorry about the random long-as-crap posts. I'm going to try to have more consistent, shorter posts throughout the week instead. I hope the long ones don't bother you too much!



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