Wednesday, May 12, 2010

screaming makes it better

I can't express how happy that I am that it's already Wednesday,  and how upset I am that it's only Wednesday. It's been a very long, extremely stressful week. Our flooring was done, but cleaning up took much longer than expected, we got the new stove (And found the cat's hidden stash of stuff under the old one) and I made many trips to Ikea.

Oh Ikea, I love you. One of the big problems with our old carpet was that the dog would sleep at the bottom of the steps, and every time she lay down there she would give it a scratch or two. These scratches are no big deal, until they're every day for a few years. She wore a hole right through to the wood floor below. So I got her a little mat for there. It's a lot easier to replace a $3 mat than a $300 carpet.

                              Here she is trying to look innocent in her old-cut-off-pants-leg-babushka outfit

I also got BEAUTIFUL new fabric (Again with the Ikea love) We have a really nice desk chair that has just gotten destroyed sitting in the basement. It's in good shape except for the fabric of it (Thanks cats. jeeze), so I'm going to start my first venture into reupholstering. Woo!

I also got a new ovenmit, and cleaned out our random why-do-we-have-so-many oven mitt collection. Now we have two nice ones, that work, and don't take up all the space in the drawer.

We also finally got our house (Mostly) clean. I present, the new floors! Yay!

Excuse the gross fish tank. Our ancient suckerfish finally passed away. We hadn't cleaned his tank out completely yet.

The spare room still has a lot of work to be done, but it's actually not too bad! (Contrary to how this picture looks...) I should have it done soon. Well, when I get time. :)

And the living room is clean again! Yay! There's a couple things left over (The lamp we use to light the attic for instance, sorry about that)  but it doesn't make me mental anymore, and you can tell that we have a couch, unlike before when it was buried.

On top of all of that, it's finals week. I still have a 10 page paper to write before Thursday night, and I just finished my last painting last night. I have my final review for that tonight. Yay! This week is also though, the one week a month where our catalog is due at work. This means A LOT of extra work on my part (Like, 10 hour days Monday and Tuesday, extra) so I've been a little stressed out. It's all wrapping up now though, and this weekend is my birthday party. I'm getting together Friday night with two of my bestest girls to bake for it, and I think it will be an amazing, relaxing way to round this out. Then on Memorial weekend, I have a four day weekend. Woot! That will be spent, in large part, working at a local metal festival. But that's a whole different post.

I'll leave you with some stuff to make you smile. It makes me smile at least. :)  Some violets and dandelions that I saved from the lawn before mowing, and my favorite dog/husband duo in the whole world. <3

Hope your week has been going smoothly!



Cheryl Clarke said...

ikea is great. love your new floors and the green walls! thanks for entering my giveaway! i will pick the winner over the weekend as the giveaway ends may 14. i've added more fashion posts so check it out.

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