Monday, March 22, 2010

Always eventful

This weekend was interesting to say the least. Spent time Friday taking care of old things that needed to be done. Saturday came around, and my desire to clean led me to open all of the windows. This is fine in a normal house, but ours has always been anything but. The big window in our kitchen doesn't stay up right, and when I openend it, I forgot, and when it fell I tried to catch it. Not the smartest thing.

So two hours later I was told that my finger was thankfully not broken, just very sore and bruised, which was good. Spent the rest of the day moving a futon out of the house (Which came back to us the next day due to unforseen events) and getting a milkshake with my sister. Sunday got me into cleaning again, starting a whirlwind of activity and ending in dismantling the bathtub faucet completely in an attempt to stop it from leaking.

I get to spend time with my uncle tonight and put in a whole new system, which will be nice. We wont have to turn off the water to the bathroom anymore! Yay!

It was, in all, a very beautiful and productive weekend, which will hopefully continue through the week. Starting after today. Today has been rainy and frustrating. But I'm not here to complain. No dwelling on that! We'll stick to positives around here.

Hope your weekend was just as nice! (And didn't land you in the hospital too!)



Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm the first follower? :)
That's such a nice blog! Is that artwork yours on the side? You're so talented!

Jen0cide said...

Yay! Yes, you're my first!

And thank you so much! That is my work. I'm really glad you like it!

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