Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh Friday

You always take so long in the afternoon. So long to hit that important time when I can go home.

This weekend is a little rainy and chilly it looks like, but I'm not too upset. I'm looking forward to a good excuse to stay in and watch movies and clean the house. I've really been wanting to start sewing some summer dresses too. I'm going thrifting tonight to find some fabric or old sheets to make spring dresses out of. I really want to try this pattern by Pink Hickey at It's so pretty!! What a perfect little sundress.

I cut bangs back into my hair, which I'm really liking, but they're just a little bit too long. They keep poking me in the eyes. Boo! So I'm going to have to trim them up. Other wise though I like them a lot! I have also been liking Urban Decay's Primer Potion for eye makeup. I only say this because I just got my first bottle of it the other day, and I'm super impressed with how well it works! I have a lot of bright sparkly eye shadows that I absolutely love, but they crease up in about an hour. The bright blue I have on right now is about 7 hours old and still looks like I just did it.

Wow, this is becoming quite the little review post! I hope that all of your weekends are going well and that you're finding things to make you happy too! Oh! And I can type with my finger again, the one that I dropped the window on. (Oops!) That's very exciting, it's really hard to type without using your middle finger!



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