Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today has been full of sketching ideas and allergies. The ideas make up for the sniffling. I've added several hurried pen sketches into my notebook for everything from giant metal lawn snails to pretty spring dresses. I've had a serious sewing bug for a long time now, and have a bunch of fabric and patterns that I want to play with. Unfortunately our house is very tiny, and there is not currently room for my sewing table.

We used to have a room mate in our squishy little spare room. For the last two years though, it's just been us. That should have been a great little work area, but instead it just ended up filled with junk. I've been on a huge roll lately with cleaning! I got a bunch of stuff out and to Goodwill and a bunch more stuff on ebay (And I still have a trashbag of stuff for there!). Hopefully that will bring in a few dollars. We're also giving our big old futon to a friend, which will really open things up. It domintates the space right now.

I'm really excited to start shopping for bookshelves and storage boxes and get all of my crafting stuff organized. As much as I hate cleaning, I love cleaning!  I think it's not so much the cleaning, as the building up motivation and starting that I hate.

Here's hoping that it all goes smoothly!



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