Monday, March 29, 2010

The perfect Monday for a snuggle

It's very rainey and chilly in the old B-More today. Its VERY chilly in my office. However, I have this little habit of being rather disorganized, and just a little bit messy, which worked to my advantage as I managed to have both a sweater AND socks in my desk. So I'm pretty toasty now!

Tonight should be my last night of painting in the living room. The futon leaves tomorrow, so I'll have my spare room back! I would like to get ahold of a small tv and DVD player for it though. I like having certain movies playing as background. My favorite is The Fantastic Mr Fox. One of my favorite movies! Once the new Alice In Wnderland  hits DVD I'm positive that will be in rotation too. I saw it for the first time this weekend. I'm obsessed with all things Alice, to the point of having a full half sleeve tattoo styled after the engravings from the book. (I need to get some pictures going on this blog!) I was a little aprehensive of the movie, so I put it off, but I ended up really loving it. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter was what originally turned me off. I love him, but there was just way too much technicolor makeup going on! Once I saw him in context though, it was a whole lot better. I'm sure the more natural, subtle light helped a lot too. Those promo shots were just plain scary!

I'll work on getting some pictures into this puppy, but for now I'm going to finish chomping on my broccoli pizza, and go work on some sketch book drawings. Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!



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