Friday, July 2, 2010


So I got the job! That's the reason for the quiet this week. I've been leaving soon to be old job and heading down to new job for scheduling and paper retrieval and such. I also still have class until the 14th, so over all it's been a jam packed week! I'm so very excited though!

I go in tonight to start real, official training. I'm nervous, and a little sad, I will admit. I'm going to miss being home every night and weekend. BUT Adam and I have both been working really hard on furthering our educations and this will make it easier on both of us. (He doesn't study much when I'm home. I'm a bad influence.)

I'm also excited because I'll be at my old job still for a while, until I'm completely trained and they find someone to replace me and they're trained. So any money that I make at the new job won't HAVE to go towards bills. Instead, it's ALL going to go towards my camera! YAY! I already have about $500 saved up. So close! I'm almost to the body, then just a little more for the lens I want.

So much excitement! And it's a beautiful 78 degrees outside today! I think I'm just going to explode if I have to sit in this cube much longer!

Hope your week has been amazing too!

(Oh, and Hi to new followers! YAY!)



Anonymous said...

congrats on the new job! and being close to getting your camera!

Jen said...

Thanks!! It's been crazy busy but exciting! :D

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