Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I do have things to say

as it stands though, I have been going through nearly violent bouts of twitchyness.

I'm currently sitting here shaking my whole desk because I'm bouncing my leg up and down so fast. I have a large number of doctor's appointments this week. I'm also planning on finally quitting my job. (Another reason I've been so quiet. I've been training at my new job after I leave  my old one). Doctors make me nervous. They take blood. I HATE IT when people take blood. I either cry or laugh hysterically. Like a mad man. It's rather frightening.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to the hubs online for a bit. This was my opening statement

me: i got to come home after the doctor
  cause i did all my work early
  and the doctor stole my bloods
  and one of the bloods was to test for lupus
  and i wanted to tell the nurse not to bother
  cause its never lupus
  everyone knows that
 and now im a little woozy
  the only cure that i can see
  that becomes apparent to me
  is sleeping
  and lots and lots of cheese
  the cheese will make me well
  i am teh hungree
  i didnt eat my sammach
  so its still at work
  waiting for me
  i will eat it tomorrow
  for now though

That is a usual sentence for me. I'm a little twitchy. and prone to rants. and changing the subject rapidly. I try to downplay that when talking to people I don't know (Or when blogging) but sometimes it leaks out.
Now, I'm going to go probably drink more coffee (I'm sure that will help) and maybe actually write my letter of resignation for my first job. That might be helpful. Instead of just disappearing one day.


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