Thursday, July 8, 2010

the one that got away?

I have one goal today. One, singular goal.

That is to make it to the mall on my lunch break and buy my perfect hat.

I went shopping with my sister this weekend. My new job has a dress code that specifies very little except that everything should be black (or jeans). I used to LIVE in black. It was the only color I wore. Even my jeans were black. But somehow a lot of that has wandered out of my wardrobe, and thus needed to be replaced.

While on this run for black, I came across the PERFECT kelly green knit slouchy hat. It was HUGE, which is good because I have a deceptively large head. It was my FAVORITE color. It was super cute on.

It was also $17. Being as how I had already spent about $40 (And am very poor), I just couldn't justify that.

However, I have since remembered that I have been looking for the perfect slouchy hat for literally about a year and a half.

$17 is reasonable to end that frustrating search.

Now I Just have to hope it's still there.


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