Wednesday, April 21, 2010

halfway there

This week has been very  long. More importantly, I have been very sleepy. I have a feeling that this might be linked to the small colony of hamsters that have taken up residence in my sinuses.

                          current view inside my sinuses

I've always had issues with allergies, but the last few years haven't been bad. This year, this is bad. But it's ok. I love spring, and so long as I have benedryl and my neti pot (I've had one for a few days now and I love it) I'll get through. 

I'm waiting currently for my painting class to start. (Two hours). I have this class and one more and then final reviews! Phew! I've got some catching up to do, but I'm making quick progress. 

I can't wait though, until I have some more free time. I will keep painting, but it wont be so scheduled, and I'll have time again to sew and knit and all that other fun stuff. I just got the prettiest deep red alpaca yarn. I'm deciding what to use it for. It may have to be a hat. I don't think I have enough hats. But then, can one really ever have enough hats? I also want to learn to embroider. Nothing elaborate, just little hearts and birds and the like. Something to jazz up a pants pocket or handkerchief.

Well, I'm off to home depot to find some wood suitable for painting on. I'm giving up the canvas. I wonder if they make a patch for that? 

Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday.



Carapace said...

Ok, fairtrue- I hopped over here from a comment where you mentioned zombie-hunting, because that is kind of my Thing, aside from being covered in paint, and saw this, and now I have to be your blogfriend. Because you've explained exactly what's been in the air lately. Thank you.
So if you wonder about your sudden followers like I do, that's why, here-- zombies and sinushamsters. I don't know how to bloggilymonetize that, but hey! Now you know.

Jen said...

So many things about this just made my whole morning brighter! Thank you! :D

I'm always glad to make new blog friends <3

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