Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm still alive

There are things happening, unfortunately, those things have left me completely exhausted this week. I have a lot I want to talk about, but I've been feeling really brain dead, and I know that any blog post would turn into a strange, rambling, unorganized thing, so I will put up a real one tomorrow. I promise to get out of this once a week habit soon.

Mostly it's been an issue of time. I've allowed myself to get just a little bit lazy with painting, and fell behind. And  on top of that I have a REALLY HARD deadline at work this week for our catalog production, which means that I've been working well over 8 hours a day since Monday. Top that with the tendonitis I have in my hands acting up, and you have one cranky girl.

I totally don't want this to be a bummer post. (Oh my god that sentence was so 1990's valley girl. Sigh) And to be honest, these are all things that are either my fault, or that I know to be unavoidable, so I'm not really stressed about it. You just do what you need to, right? I think sometimes it's nice to have a few days that really push you to your limits so you remember what you're capable of, and you appreciate the down time that much more.

I spent the weekend mowing the lawn, doing garden stuff, and patching the massive hole in the wall of our spare room from the plumbing fix. I have to paint the new patched area still, but other than that it's ready for a full overhaul. I've got my sewing table up there now (Thanks to my wonderful hubby!) and that opened up the kitchen so much. I didn't have anywhere else to put it, and it was so inconvenient to work around in there, our kitchen is tiny enough! AND it takes up less wall space than I thought it would, so I believe I'm going to get another bookshelf. Yay! I bought a ton of shoe box sized, clear storage bins this weekend. I'm going to empty out all of the tote bags and grocery bags and shipping boxes that I use to corral my art and crafting stuff, and organize all of it into those. I might even buy a label maker to label all of them! (Ok, fine. I'm too poor for that. Sharpie it is!)

I'm really excited. Well, in my head I'm excited. My body is just tired. And hungry. I'm going to go eat...

Hope you've been sleeping well!


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