Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Jitters

This weekend was a busy one. Sorry that I wasn't very active on here! I'll try to make up for it.

There's been a lot going on recently. I spent Friday at work and then had a very productive night. I went with a few girl friends to MICA's Panoptic Fashion Show. Maryland Institute College Of Art is an amazing local art college (One that I attended for a few years!) and produces some really amazing stuff. Their Fiber Arts department put on an amazing show, with 15 designers from the Fiber department. The works ranged from more traditional runway shows, to performance art pieces with boats and bears, to completely different showings of LED infused body suits and dresses fashioned after furniture and cupcakes. Really beautiful! We walked across the street afterwards for dinner at Joe Squared, a little local pizza shop with seriously yummy food (Pesto, basil and avocado pizza!! MMM!) and then I made my way home. I was home for about 10 minutes before making my way back to the city for drinks with another friend! It was a late night but a lot of fun.

Saturday was full of errand running which ended with the hubbs purchasing a Mac Book Pro. He's been talking about getting one for years, and when our one old computer died (We have like, 6, he's an IT guy and can't have too many!) it was a good reason for him to get one. I think it will be good for him to have something more inclined to web design since he does a lot of that for a living! (Hopefully more soon because he might get a new job. PLEASEEE??? We could use the raise!) Saturday night we went to an art show at the local store Atomic Pop. The show was all custom designed Munnys, and it was a lot of fun! There were some really great entries. We're hoping for our friend Jeremy's to win. (I missed the cut off for submissions by two days. Boo!)

Sunday was full of food and family. I went to take a bunch of pictures, only to find my camera full. It's a new goal to empty it completely and start taking more pictures! I'm so bad with that! It was really nice to see everyone and eat waaaay too much food. All week I was really excited to spend all day Sunday cleaning, cause I kept forgetting it was Easter. I wish that I had been able too, but it was a lot more fun to spend the day with family. Oh well! I'll just have to start making plans for this coming weekend. With having school two nights a week, it's hard to get anything done on weeknights. I also didn't do any homework this weekend (So bad!) so even though classes aren't until Wednesday and Thursday, I'll be spending tonight and tomorrow working on stuff for them.

My Wednesday is Painting III Which is the first advanced level painting I've had. I started at MICA as a General Fine Arts major, so I did a lot of low level painting, but nothing else. I've since transferred to my new college (Which will remain nameless for now, I've been having some real issues with credits and other things and I don't want to trash talk anyone) and they don't have a GFA Major. The closest that they had for me was Painting, and I'm actually loving it. I happen to be a very slow, meticulous painter though, so it's been challenging to me to put out a relatively large (6 paintings) body of work in a semester. I'm keeping up ok though! Pictures of them soon! (What's done at least)

Phew! That was rather long winded! Hope I didn't bore you too much. And I still have stuff to ramble about! That's a different post though. This is long enough!



geschichtenvonkat said...

fiber shows and mac book pros, o my! :) sounds awesome.

i just wanted to let you know that i decided to do a little something for everyone who entered my giveaway...

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