Monday, April 19, 2010

The State of the Girl Address

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Life recently has been interesting. "Hard" or "Bad" aren't the right words. I wouldn't say necessarily though that "Good" was the right word either. I think "Challenging" is the right word.

I have been continuing the battle against school for credits. I have the most AMAZING adviser though, and she has been helping SO MUCH. I really cannot explain how grateful I have been for her. She's a life saver. So I'm hopeful that with that kind of support I will have it done soon. Also on the school front, my finals are coming up quickly. (Which is terrifying). I have 4 paintings either done or mostly done, and will have them all completed by Wednesday. Now I just need two more to meet my goal of 6. I'm really hoping that I can get to 7 though. My first review is on May 5th. So that's my (Really hard) deadline. I think I can do it though! I've been working a lot faster recently and I like the direction I'm going in.

I spent a good number of hours this weekend cleaning our spare room too. I suppose it was a little ambitious to clean out 3 years of accumulated dirt and clutter in a weekend. I made a really big dent though. I have been organizing all of my crafting stuff, and it's looking really nice. I got little clear plastic storage bins, about the size of a shoe box. I have six of them filled so far with everything from ribbon to fabric scraps to drawing supplies to tools and embellishments.  I'm sure that this will help me make better use of everything and stop buying things that I then forget I have. A friend of mine is having a big yard sale this weekend to help her raise money. She's running a marathon in June to raise funding for blood cancer and leukemia research. I'm really proud!  So I took this cleaning opportunity to round up a TON of stuff for the yard sale to help raise as much as possible.

Other than all that, there's not a ton happening. I'm putting off starting on my 10 page final paper for my literature class. I'm going today to buy a neti pot, I'm going to see if I can successfully wash my sinuses out without drowning (If I don't come back, it's been fun!) and hopefully that will help me sleep better. It's typically good to keep breathing while you sleep, so I hear. :) I'm still slowly working on customizing this here blog. I also need to take time to bleach out my chunk of red. I had REALLY BRIGHT red hair for a while, big chunks in the front and a chunk on the side. I slowly dyed out the front, to the same dark brown as the rest, but I kept the chunk. It's got MASSIVE roots, and it's a faded gross dirty salmon now. Mmm. Yum. :)  I need to make time to re-bleach that and add the color back in.

Here's my bright red.
                                                                                                Me and my BF Arnold.

Before I went to that I was blond for maybe two weeks. I am already VERY PALE, this made me look rather dead. It was a fun change though. The roots alone were enough for me to get rid of it. My hair grows in very dark, and after the first week I felt like I had bugs, I had all these teeny tiny little black roots. Gross.

There was also a period of time that I had dreadlocks. They were very fuzzy. I liked them

In that picture they are just baby dreadlocks, which is why they still look like normal hair at the end. In Germany on my honeymoon I decided to get rid of them. Three hours and a whole bottle of conditioner later, I had combed them out. Some times I wish that I had kept them though. I think when all my hair grows back I might go for it again. I would have them professionally done though. It KILLED my arm to put them all in, and they were thicker than I wanted.

I say that I have to wait for it to grow back because in July I decided to do this

Woo! No hair! I liked it a lot, but I also missed having hair. Mine has always been pretty long, and so whenever I get it cut short I like it but still kinda freak out. This was me when my husband and I first met.
I have no idea when this turned into a hair history report. Jeeze. Hope I didn't bore you too much!

Did your weekend go well? I hope so! Have any hair stories you want to share? :)



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