Monday, April 26, 2010

A spoon full of sugar

So I promised a list of things that I'm loving, and I'm really very excited! I've been really inspired lately, by all kinds of different things, and lots of lovely blogs and artists. I'm also very happy that its spring, and it's not super hot! The east coast has a habit (At least in the central parts) to jump right from winter to summer, and this year we've had a whole month of beautiful spring weather, full of high 60's and low 70's and thunderstorms and chilly nights. So much fun!

So now, here are some things I'm loving.

Five things I love right now:

1.) Gallery walls - What a great way to display a bunch of different frames and photos and art! They always look so nice and remind me of old crazy houses and victorian ghost stories. I love it when there are a bunch of different styles in both the frames and their contents. I've been gathering a bunch of stuff for a wall of my own, and I'm excited to get it put up!

                                                     Photo via houzz

2.) the work of Camilla D'Errico - I love all of Camilla's paintings. Her soft color pallettes mixed with bold colors, and her soft treatment of faces and animals, they're all so lovely! I also love the strange surreality of everything. She's definitely a big infulence in my art.

3.) Planning for spring and summer parties - (Particularly my birthday!) I've been loving all of the pretty pictures and posts I've been seeing about beautiful picnics and parties. I can't wait to start planning them myself! Our house is rather small, but it works nicely because we can use our fenced backyard and have lovely outdoor parties too!

                                             Photo via weheartit

4.) Crochet hats - particularly how to make them. I'm a knitter myself, but I saw this beautiful pattern from the talented Jessica Suzanne and had to try! (I also happen to have some great cranberry colored alpaca yarn just itching to be made into something)

                                                                 So pretty!

5.) Super inspiring and fun art spaces - There are as many studio spaces as there are artists and so many of them are just awesome! I think so many of them are so much fun, and I've gotten a ton of ideas for my own! (Now that I finally have one!)

                                                        Both Via Houzz

So yay! There's my list of things that I'm loving this week. I'm going to have to start putting one together more often!



geschichtenvonkat said...

i love it when art is hung salon style! and those studio photos are pretty cool...mine never looks that good, haha.

Jen said...

Don't worry, mine doesn't either! It always gives you a goal to work towards though :)

Dora said...

gallery walls rock... i want to put my photography on my walls but still need guts to do and step out of shyness :S

Jen said...

I understand that completely! It can be a hard thing to do. I'm sure that you'll find your confidence though! :)

I always start with family and friends and people that I trust to be kind with their words, and let that build up my confidence. It definitely helps!

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