Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Thursday??

Where has the week gone!

It's been a pretty crazy one around here. Tuesday went by way too fast, but I had a nice lunch outside and took some pictures that I'll post. (Finally). Yesterday was rather bizarre for little Baltimore. We hit 93 degrees yesterday. 93. In Baltimore. In APRIL. Hell, it's not even the END of April. This is not Texas, weather. Please recalibrate yourself to Maryland.

Not only was it unbearably hot (I come from a very northern European heritage, I do not do well in hot), but there was a fire at one of the local water pumping stations. Which wiped out everything. Come 2pm, there was no water at work, at school, or a lot of houses. Luckily we avoided the last bit but just by a few blocks. The good news was that I got to go home from everything early, an opportunity that I promptly wasted by laying around on the couch watching re-runs of the Colbert Report.

Did I mention that I hate hot?

Anyway, Tuesday was slightly cooler, bearable enough to go outside at least. So I did for lunch, and actually pulled out the old camera. I have a tendency to sit in my car and listen to the radio when it's nice out. I love pulling to an empty corner of the parking lot, rolling down the windows, and splaying out as far as I can in my little Honda Fit. (I <3 my Fit).

Tuesday I decided to take that one step further and hang my legs out the window in an attempt to get some much needed sun.
Pardon the feet.
My bangs were feeling rather unruly in the breeze.

I also walked around and took some pictures of the trees, before they shed their pretty spring coats.

And of course, I couldn't resist popping on in my hair.

Today is supposed to be the same, in the high 80's at least, but it looks to break tonight and put us back into the beautiful spring 60's and 70's. I'm very excited.

I have some painting pictures to post too, but I'll get to that later on. And I won't wait three days this time, Promise!



geschichtenvonkat said...

i lived in DC for about 4 years so i know what you mean (just moved up here to the Boston area this past fall), i loved DC so much EXCEPT for the HOT! you stepped out your door in the morning and immediately felt like you should turn around and take another shower, ick.

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